AlvinT x FASA

Bamboo has always been an economic and cultural significance in Indonesia as well as in Asia. Its rapid growth, versatile usage, immense strength, and flexibility among many of its characteristics makes it an environmentally savvy exotic material.

AlvinT launches its first collaboration collection with FASA with the desire to pursue the divergent beauties that bamboo has to offer. Developing and exploring its natural beauty as a material and transform it into refined modern everyday products with AlvinT & FASA idiosyncratic style.

Individually handmade, each product displays a unique beauty of texture, tone, and shape that is distinctively bamboo, an ideology that AlvinT & FASA both respect.

Exhibition detail:

1. Brace Floor Spot Lamp
2. Brace Pendant Lamp
3. Mada Basket
4. Puccha Stationery Compartment
5. Puccha Medium Round Tray
6. Puccha Big Round Tray
7. Loop Stool
8. Jangjang Hook