Editorial: Gyoza Bar by IndesignLive


In the hands of the design team at AlvinT Studio, Gyoza Bar channels Japanese culture old and new, recognisable and subtle. With eye-catching Japanese inspired anime-esque graphics throughout, there’s little confusion as to the cuisine in the bar, and the custom-designed furniture matches this aesthetic, with a young and cheerful mood held in mind during the design process

In the eating space, furniture has been chosen and designed to convey a convivial mood, representing both contemporary Indonesian style, and Japanese iconography. A notable highlight of the space is an oversized suspended lounge chair in the eating space, alongside the main dining area that takes the form of a unique seating booth complete with a giant Gyoza-shaped woven canopy!

There are many symbolic references to Japanese culture throughout the space, from a coin-shaped partition in the private rooms, and custom prints wallpaper on the main wall, to the branding’s inclusion of a cartoon Tanuki, an iconic breed of Japanese racoon. Overall the space echoes an idiosyncratic character that is contemporary Japanese fused with Indonesian touches.

Gyoza Bar space is a rather playful multilayered ornamentation inspired by both contemporary and traditional Japan, along with hints of Chinese and traditional Indonesian visual aesthetics.