Event Highlight: Wood Joint System competition, Green Initiative Week (2017)

Event: Design Competition for Innovative Wood Joint System

Event Dates: 28 October – 4 November 2017

Event Details: https://archi-depot.or.jp/en/archives/1015

Event Organizers: 

  • ARCHI-DEPOT Corporation (Dr. Riichi Miyake, Director)
  • University of Indonesia, Center for Japanese Studies (Dr. Diah Madubrangti, Executive Director)
  • Co-organizer: Japan Institute of Architects (JIA)


Our Creative Director, Alvin Tjitrowirjo, was pleased to be part of the jury panel in this competition, alongside the following respected individuals:

  • Riichi Miyake (architectural critique, Director of ARCHI-DEPOT Corporation): chairman of jury
  • Masahiro Harada (architect, MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO, professor of Shibaura Institute of Technology)
  • Andra Matin (architect)
  • Adi Purnomo (architect)

Targeting young professionals, the design competition on the innovative use of wood was organized in conjunction with the Green Initiative Week. The competition had the objectives:

  1. To enhance the joint program between Japan and Indonesia in the field of architecture and city planning as well as cultural studies of both countries
  2. To organize a joint forum, which focuses on the environmental issues such as the impact of deforestation and the pursuit for social sustainability
  3. To develop and to share the innovative approach related to wood material and construction as well as its design issues
  4. To provide opportunities to the young professionals


The list of competition winners is available at https://archi-depot.or.jp/en/archives/1102

Exhibition detail:

ARCHI-DEPOT Corporation in Japan launched a project of Design Competition for Innovative Wood Joint System with Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) prior to the Green Initiative Week of October-November 2017. Focusing on the subject of “woodification” which means the promotion of wood materials in construction by way of innovative technology and design, the organizers are interested in exploiting new manners of wood joint system which will settle the issues of convenience, speed, availability of material, economy and participation.

The jury took place in two stages between the end of September and the end of October 2017 and the winning design had the chance to be exhibited in Jakarta and Tokyo for broader public.

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