Newsletter Edition 1 – November 2017

When people is at the center of your work it is hard to neglect the necessity in designing products that capture the essence of human in all of its activities.  Human is indeed at the center when we designed some of the spaces and products featured this month.

Particularly of communal society in Indonesia, because people are the units of a community we place important focus in designing spaces that consider communal activities and human interaction within them, as well as products that provide comfort on top of their functional aspects.

Natural curves from natural plants. We used them to create corners on our Bhuana lounge and sofa chairs, so that people can lean their head on them, for comfort. One can lean on its sides, making it more than a mere seating item, Bhuana can act as a place of mental refuge as one physically resting on the chair after a long day.

The tree-bench we designed for the public space at The Village in Seminyak, Bali, depicts the spirit of diversity as orchards provide shades to people sitting beneath them. We had in mind the diverse community and culture exists in Bali and combined that with the green scenery concept the Client was looking for.

We also support business causes by providing workspaces that are thoughtful to employees, be it their comfort at work or the fun factor of a place they spend some 40 hours a week at.

Being part of a community people spend time unwinding with friends or families and this is what was in our mind too when we design commercial spaces of F&B sectors. The establishments we designed would have different types of people they cater to, so modern Indonesian approaches on top of functionality are our way to go.

The month of November sees our design approach to community building, the ideas behind our design work, from furniture items people use in their daily lives to spaces in which a community functions and gathers. As much as we want more improvements materialized in urban and city planning in the country we believe Design can – and should – bring (now globalized) people together.