Newsletter Edition 2 – November 2017

Because human is at the center of our design we make a strong value proposition to community in our work. As discussions are going on surround the Gen Y or millennials, we acknowledge the diversity of a community’s members, of all ages and their differing needs and activities – or, even, problems.

Exhibition detail:

As much as we support businesses in their profit-making efforts we believe in great designs that adhere to standard guidelines meant for highly-regulated buildings, such as airports. The 361.4 sqm public area was designed for the Terminal 3 Ultimate of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport with passing passengers of various ages and travel needs in mind. Four F&B outlets, a food court and a public seating area, as commissioned were designed to fit the needs of passengers from a bunch of teenagers on their school trip to a nearby country to working professionals with a laptop protruding their duffel, whether one is hanging around to a connecting departure or made to wait for a delayed flight. The various types of seating and floor patterns were created to serve these purposes. We design waiting and transits to be made of a breeze, supporting the community interaction in the hustles.

The Beau bakery sees through the passion of an artisan baker to cater to city people with all their rush and demand to quality products. Not only that, the city inhabitants who are typically well informed about foreign and imported products are more aware of the quality of the presentation itself that they want to see in an F&B establishment. The bespoke seating items and decorations for the Beau Grand Indonesia operation were well thought out to address these issues and objectives. We ensured our design speaks of the varied high-quality artisan bread and pastries meant to cater to the communal society in J-town.

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