Newsletter Edition 2 – October 2017

Titled “Connected” the AlvinT newsletter edition 2 of October 2017 poses the question “How connected are you?”

Because this month at AlvinT is all about connectivity.

Started October off with the ICAD exhibition and supporting HDII in the Index Mozaik trade show, AlvinT then ending the month with our Creative Director presence for the competition of ARCHI-Depot and a Jogjakarta-based student association as a jury panel and seminar speaker respectively.

As a design firm that places a strong importance on how our design work interacts with their audience, we care about creating modern distinctive character which deciphers the country’s cultural wealth. In the same breath connecting with people in the industry is important to us as advancing the profile and profession of product and interior designer requires partnerships and continued communication.

Connectivity is also one of the spirits brought up in our design, as presented in the Mingle and Linger benches.

The Mingle is designed as a bench that provokes dialogue between the people seated on it to have a conversation; similarly, with the effort in advancing the interior and furniture design profession in Indonesia, we need to get the discussion going, so that ideas and knowledge get exchanged. Then the know-how and insights can be even further developed.

In these days where people seek for individualism and exclusivity, made only by human hands the Linger bench is designed to bring people together, a media for people to gather and connect.

The more united we are as designers, the more access can be made available for the next generation to learn from. As we are connected in our profession the more sustaining the industry is.

What’s the biggest challenge(s) facing the furniture/interior designers in Indonesia, in your opinion? Let’s mingle; get connected and share with us!