Newsletter – Feb 2019: The Work of Art is Made out of Love

in the celebration of love, we will share our discussion with Yori Antar on his views about how each project was made out of love.

What does love means to you?

Love is something that was done by heart. Indonesian people are humans with hearts.

What influence/inspire you?

Inspiration comes when I went to the village and have a dialogue with them. That’s where access to knowledge is open. It was their thoughts that momentarily opened the door of my creativity. Go explore to discover new things.

What stories, joy, sorrows, do you see in Indonesian people?

The Characteristics of Indonesian is a social being with good heart. They do it all with heart and soul to create something.

What other things that you find important in creating works? (rather than business and profit)

We have to be able to give if we want to take something. Thats why the important thing is for the community and the environment have to be able to feel the impact of the project that I am working on.

What influence do you wish your works give to people and the surroundings environment?

There is a misunderstanding towards the modernization concept in Indonesia. I would like my works to inspire Indonesian people to embrace what we have. Because Indonesia is a country with a lot of natural resources. Indonesia can be an inventor, yet we choose to be a followers.

How do you express yourself as a designer?
I just want to be a valuable Architect who can become an energy, a passion, and inspiration to revive Indonesia ecosystem.

What do you wish for other creative Indonesians to aspire to when creating their projects?

Work with your heart. Be focus, consistent, and always patient. Because the knowledge we have should always be shared with others.

Do you have any regrets?

What I have reach today is part of journey. The journey of life. There’s no regrets. And all of my journey is a blessing.