Newsletter – January 2018

In this edition we intend to start off the year right by reasserting the value of handmade process and natural materials of our products.

Like most product designers we produce designs for items of furniture, of which we are most known, and related products. Hence, we realize that our creative flair and imagination require wide-ranged other practical skills in manufacturing, to bring our ideas and passion into reality.

Handmade products take longer time to produce. For us it means using traditional skills (and traditional tools) to produce each furniture piece.

Being handmade, not only each item has this bond with the maker, they are also personal because they are bespoke, customizable with your likings. The American architect Tom Elliott knows that value well. We customized our Khalla dining chair in red for his Jakarta residence. The color of choice boosts overall luxurious look of the chair itself which combines solid rattan manau poles with woven natural leather for arm and backrest.

Rattan may be our main material and we do use locally-sourced materials. But the rich local materials need skillful workers to then turn them into valuable alvinT products that our customers get to enjoy in various parts of the world. When we say we believe in local craftsmanship, it is an inherent understanding that our products’ materials have the capacity to contribute to the local economic development.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. The old adage from the Talmud applies to how preconceptions can alter the way we perceive the value of handmade and of natural-materials pieces such as ours. When all else fails our products speak more than a story, they come with a cause. We design for good.



One of our interior designers, Kerly, is working on a residential project in North Jakarta. We picked her project for this edition to showcase our design values on natural materials in our interior design work.

The residential project is for an idealist owner who loves simple yet functional home environment with that ‘resort’ feeling.

To support AlvinT Studio design values and in particular our design concept of this residential space, I use locally-sourced handmade materials: paras stone, terrazzo, solid wood and veneer. I also put the modern touch in the patterned walls and flooring. For the custom furniture fixtures I use both solid wood and veneer. Being an efficient substitute to solid wood, veneer complements it very well.

While for the finishing of the overall look I chose three shades of wood that represent nature and keeping the clean ambiance: teak, sungkai and oak white.

The applications of natural materials can be seen in the living room where the wall finish behind the television set is made of patterned batu paras, while at the opposite direction behind the sofas is a solid wood sungkai wall finishing. This room is marble stoned for its flooring, complemented with solid wood sungkai furniture pieces.

I use sungkai wood veneer for the kitchen set cabinet, and the table top is jati veneered. I did the same for its wall; paras stoned and marbled.

For the main bedroom I arranged a patterned white veneer oak wall with a head-bed made of solid jati wood. I’m very pleased with the paras stoned wall finish in the bathrooms, with terrazzo locally handmade bath tub and standing basin.


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