Alamak! Project - Triennale Museum:
Triennale Design Museum, Milano - Italy 2016

Alamak! is a group exhibition of 10 designers from various disciplines showcasing the idea of that Asia could be the driving force of the next world design movement. The alamak! exhibition explores the process of this forward thinking design process and fabrication. Each of them will present a unique work, spotlighted in a gallery setting. The common trait of the exhibition is that all of them have voices from Asia and all are strenuously expressing original creativity, in which to form a coherent image of “made in Asia by Asian designers”.

AlvinT exhibited the Angan - Suspended Shelf and the Lumping - Rocking Horse in this exhibition.

Angan - Suspended Shelf

Indonesia is rapidly losing its identity to globalization and at the same time is stuck in its tradition. This created a gap between the older generation of traditional Indonesia and the globalized younger generation. Traditional Indonesia culture seems to be left behind and forgotten as the modern society feels more drawn to the attractive global culture that is popular and more relevant to them. This developed into an area of transition of hesitancy between tradition and contemporary. A constant push and pull between how to conserving tradition and wanting to break away.

A personal sentiment that is portrayed in a form of a suspended shelf, forming a cage-like silhouette made out of natural rattan poles with brass shelves. The cage poles were made out of natural rattan with uneven size of opening. There are three levels of brass shelves in matte finish to place small objects or accessories. Positioning the objects within the shelf will be a feat by itself as it will distort the balance of the shelf expressing the volatile nature of the situation. The brass shelves is then bound to the poles with leather and the whole shelf is suspended using rope connected to a brass hook. 

Lumping - Rocking Horse

Lumping is derived from Kuda Lumping (Lumping Horse), a traditional dance originated from Java commonly made out of rattan. It is believed that the dance illustrated historical war against the Dutch colonial forces. These historical references were transformed into a modern playful outdoor furniture drawing a light and dynamic silhouette. The graphical woven texture of the body injects a dose of local flair, providing a nice contrast to its solid black or white aluminum frame. Lumping is suitable for outdoors.