(2012) BMW 5 Series GT

About the concept, "I did a lot of thinking," Alvin says. "I wanted to do something fresh, a bit more experimental but with an Indonesian touch. It's a German product and brand, but it's here in Indonesia."

"I think the best way to communicate with an audience is through elements that they can identify with." He examined the BMW Gran Turismo, whose stylish and elegant design -- with a coupe-like, stretched and sleek roofline, frameless doors and a two-piece tailgate -- received honorable mention in the 2010 Red Dot design award.

"To me, it speaks emotion, joy and progression, to live in the present and look forward to the future," the designer says.

He came up with a concept of a three-dimensional design to enhance the emotion of the audience toward the car. It is an organic yet dynamic form that conforms to the theme of sustainability with its natural, Indonesian-made material and also is throughly contemporary.

Alvin chose rattan as the material for this unique design. "It's very exciting using rattan on such a large scale, it's never been done before," he says of the manau rattan, sourced from sustainable plantations in Kalimantan. "It's very Indonesian, but it's an Indonesian material that really needs to be explored more."

Working with the German firm Aida in Cirebon, West Java, Alvin has created a serene undulating design measuring 7.8m x 3m x 2.5m. Its cascading form overhangs part of the vehicle without detracting or obscuring from the vehicle it is intended to accentuate.

The result, the impression is contemporary but classically inspired, an Indonesian enhanced setting for an internationally acclaimed brand; the strength and rigidity of metal married with the natural durability and beauty of rattan. The self-confessed BMW "freak" has incorporated the Hofmeister kink -found in all BMW models; into the installation.

"Alvin's installation is a perfect complement to the elegance and unique qualities of the new BMW Gran Turismo," says BMW Indonesia President Director Ramesh Divyanathan. "It seamlessly adapts with the modern, attractive and future-oriented style of the vehicle. It is open, inviting and accessible, just like the BMW Gran Turismo."