Cake A Boo

A cake shop with a festive and fun concept for its brand identity, we did the design work on the 83 sqm area, located in Pantai Indah Kapuk.
The interior was designed to attract young people, especially girls, who would find this place can make them being into an imaginary 'cake factory'. The space is layered in playful colors with thematic furniture, enhancing the experience of a child’s fantasy that even adults wish for.

The second location we did for Cake A Boo is its Gandaria City shop -- designed with a 'cake laboratory' concept for its interior, while maintaining the playful and festive ambiance of its core identity.

Interior Design + bespoke Product Design (pendant lamp, sofa, stools, table set, wall lamps).

2015: Partai Indah Kapuk
2017: Gandaria City