Colette & Lola

A “cakes and dreams” concept inspired by the tale of two whimsical sisters driven by their love of all things sweet, Colette and Lola.
Each of the cake shop represents a different ambience that is in between of a children’s fantasy and an adult’s chimera. The space is layered in patterns and dotted with thematic furniture, enhancing the experience of a child’s fantasy that even adults wish for.

AlvinT spends a lot of time and effort crafting each interior element to the furniture. From the flower like pendants, to the rocking outdoor sofa, and armchairs are all specially designed from this project. AlvinT believes that brand experience in the F&B industry is becoming more and more important.
In a country with many copycats, a brand’s identity needs to go deeper than just in the surface (logo and color scheme).

Interior Design + bespoke Product Design

2014: Puri Indah Mall - West Jakarta
2014: Mall Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta
2015: Grand Indonesia - Central Jakarta