Gyoza Bar

A whimsical interpretation of a modern Japanese street food bar. In the hands of AlvinT Studio, Gyoza bar is a made out of a fusion of Japanese comic-ky graphics with eye-popping colors. Many of the furniture were custom designed with a young and cheerful mood in mind. One of the highlights were the suspended lounge chair that gives a different experience eating in a restaurant. Screaming for attention is the main dining area which is in a form of a seating booth complimented with a gigantic Gyoza-shaped canopy woven with synthetic rattan. There are many symbolic references to Japanese culture, such as the coin-shaped partition in the private rooms, and custom prints wallpaper on the main wall. Overall the space echoes an idiosyncratic character that is contemporary Japanese fused with Indonesian touches.

The overall space is a rather playful multilayered ornamentation inspired by both Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian visual aesthetics.