IDentities : Milan Design Week, 4-9 April 2017

Handmade contemporary Indonesia pavilion
Tortona Design Week
3-9 April 2017

As part of Indonesia’s first ever participation at Milan Design Week, Alvin Tjitrowirjo was hired by the Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) as a design consultant for the country’s pavilion.

Alvin carved the exhibition space into a pared down elevated terrain bathed in warm earth toned colors. Each of the different elevation becomes a display space. "I was inspired by Indonesia’s volcanic landscape," said Alvin. "The objective is to create a new and modern image of Indonesia. A contemporary approach to a country that is more known as a source for manufacturing than one with creative existence."

Dates: 4-9 April 2017
Location: Opficio 31, Via Tortona 31 Milan, Palazzo Litta, Milano

1. Bhuana - lounge chair
2. Bhuana - sofa
3. Lumping - rocking horse
4. Malya - highback lounge
5. Beak and Bill - pendant lamp
6. Linger - bench